A client’s primary focus is the solution, not the process of finding it. For this reason, we ensure that our practice areas are relevant within the scope of transactions, as well as in ongoing consultation and in litigation. Irrespective of our clients’ needs, we always strive to provide comprehensive legal advice. Ultimately, clients seeking legal advice will only be helped if satisfactory solutions to their problems can be found. Whether this is achieved by settling disputes out of court or by filing lawsuits is of secondary importance to clients because they think of problems not in formal, but rather in practical terms. Therefore, our approach is to work in a goaloriented manner, while always taking into consideration individual needs. Our main practice areas are:
  1. Structured And Asset Finance
    Our firm advises clients on structured and asset finance, offering special expertise for complex leasing transactions in the transportation sector (aviation). In addition, we have extensive experience structuring transactions in the renewable energy sector and transactions involving intangible assets.
    Our real estate practice focuses on legal advice for real estate transactions, in particular the acquisition or sale of real estate portfolios. Thanks to our extensive experience advising real estate investors, project developers, construction companies, and real estate service providers, we are able to advise clients on all real estate-related legal issues. This includes real estate transactions, commercial leasing, asset management, property and facility management agreements, project development, public and private construction law, and real estate litigation.
    We advise companies and business owners on all issues arising in connection with the acquisition or sale of businesses, business divisions, or business assets. Our expertise includes legal counsel on financing, restructuring, as well as tax issues. We are convinced that many transactions do not require a whole battery of advisors, but rather experienced lawyers who understand what is key and have excellent business know-how in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the client.
    We represent our clients in all matters involving landlord-tenant law/condominium ownership law, advising them on all legal issues arising in connection with the conclusion and structuring of lease agreements, from issues arising during the term of the lease to issues arising at termination of the lease. We review and draft lease agreements, and we advise and represent clients when issues arise with respect to the amount of rent, the enforcement of claims for payment, security deposits, and rent increases or decreases. We provide services both on a case-by-case basis and within the scope of due diligence reviews in connection with transactions.
    We advise and represent construction companies, architects, engineers, contractors, as well as buyers of construction services in all matters involving private construction or real estate law, providing legal advice on construction design, the structuring of contracts, the construction phase, formal acceptance, and, ultimately, occupancy or resale of the property. We review and draft agreements for delivery of work, agreements with general contractors, project development agreements, lease and purchase agreements of any kind, agreements with construction companies (including general terms and conditions and Standard Terms and Conditions for Government Building Contracts (VOB/B), and agreements with architects and engineers. This also includes the legal review of contractual addenda, claims for contractual penalties, and claims for damages. We assist clients with the formal acceptance of construction services and represent clients when performance, compensation, or liability issues arise, in particular in connection with construction defects.




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